A Tale of Two Weekends

How has this weekend gone by in such a flash? The little is napping while I put together my first 21 Day Fix grocery list. Holy details Batman! People swear by this program but I am looking at these containers like whaaaaaat?

Basically, this reinforces natural choices and portion control. But the color coding- AGH! My nerd side loves it and my busy side is annoyed but we will make it work. I am actually really excited!

I wanted to share some fun photos from my trip with “the red head” aka Kristen to see Train last weekend. YES, we see them every summer and YES it is always super fun to get away with the girls for a hot minute.

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This weekend is looking a little different. The hubs is taking his turn for a beach camping adventure with the guys. So the little and I are holding it down here with some splash park, swimming, and bonding time!

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I will be back with a shopping list update soon! Soak up this beautiful Sunday Yall!!

Spring Break…The Extended Version

Sooooo you know that thing of when you take a week off from the blog and it turns into a month? Ahem. No?? Well, that is where I have been lately. For what it is worth I took some much needed time to have an actual break, travel a bit, and finally get back to the real world.

Be on the lookout this week as I start 21 Day Fix, Resume Weigh Ins (coming soon), and how I am simplifying and minimalizing my life (not just my home). The last year has been tough but my “new normal” is feeling pretty good. In the meantime- check out the last 3 1/2 weeks in pictures. They are worth a thousand words after all…

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Mom- Established 2016

Happy Friday Eve Yall!! It has been a pretty hectic week at the Running In Pink Project hour with some busy times at the 9-5 and preparing for our first miniature vacation from the little. But last weekend we celebrated all things mother’s day. On Saturday the hubs took me a good pal to the Strawberry and Wine festival for a day of relaxing.

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On Sunday the hubs had planned to take me and the little to a lovely brunch. A was obviously in his Sunday best. Precious!

18 21

We had a wonderful brunch in Charlottesville and even made a stop to pick up a few more Mother’s Day treats for me. Very Sweet!

20 17 16 15 14

I couldnt have asked for a nicer day with the sweetie who made me a mama.


Stay Tuned for posts on “The Re-set Week”, “Vacation Moderation”, and “Fasting”.