Truth On Motivation

Things are still plugging along just fine here! I am excited to see where I land weight wise at the end of this month. Truth be told this month marks 90ish days on plan. That happy feeling of “I can do anything” has been replaced with “I can and will do this” rather than “can I really keep this up long term”. Honestly, it is the quote below that keeps me on track. I wanted to share it with all of you!


Stay disciplined this weekend yall!

Workout Roundup

Since it has been a minute I figured I would give you the details on last week’s workout schedule.


Monday 8-21-17

5:30am Strength Training (Upper Body)

4:30pm 5 stroller miles (paved trail)


Tuesday 8-22-17

5:30pm Hills and Sprints



Wednesday 5-23-17

5:30am Strength Training (Lower Body)

4:30pm Recovery Walk (2 miles)


Thursday 8-24-17

5:30 pm Off road walking/hiking 6 (accidental) miles- Ahem. Terrible sense of direction but an awesome workout!



Friday 8-25-16

5:30am Strength Training – Upper Body


Saturday 8-26-17 – REST DAY

IMG_4106 - Copy IMG_4108 - Copy IMG_4166 IMG_4233 IMG_4230

Sunday 8-27-17

8:00am 4 miles 1/2 paved 1/2 off road


How did you get moving this week?


Month 2- Weigh In Time

Whew!! Ok Yall! I know it isnt exactly the end of the month….BUT the 9-5 is crazy this week and I am getting the whole crew ready for a road trip to WV so I figured better now than forget all together eh? August yielded a 13 pound weight loss which is a 2 month grand total of 23 pounds! This month’s new healthy habit- drinking at least 1 gallon of water daily AND taking a daily probiotic for optimal belly health!


Here is to another month of staying consistent, moving more, and not sweating the process!!