Point of Honor 5K

This morning I ran the Point of Honor 5k in Lynchburg, Va. My husband was nice enough to pick up my race packet for me last night so I would not have to get there super early.This was a little race so nothing exciting in the race packet which was pretty much what I expected.Though I was bummed that the T-shirt wasnt cooler, especially when the volunteers had on some cute green tie-died shirts.

I headed over to the race and got there about 40 minutes prior to race time. There were some guys joking that this 5K was their warm up for the day which didnt amuse me at all.  Could it be that I am a touch jealous? They had like 20 plus years on me so I was thinking I must be in the worst shape ever since this is my lone workout for the day. This was my first mistake. I was in a bad mental place before we even got started.

The runners were friendly (except this one guy who kept yelling “pick it up” and “lets go” in a not encouraging way. Should I see him again he gets a punch in the face or at least a stern talking to. Jerk). ;) Being as new to these races as I am even I knew he was being obnoxious an inappropriate. The 5k started on a hill which led to an even bigger hill up to the Point of Honor mansion. There was a pamphlet in our packet on why this place is important historically but I didnt read it. ;) This hill threw me all off. Bryan and I have only recently worked hills into our run and this one might as well have been a mountain. Of course the pack leaders took it like pros but I wanted to cry before I ever made it to the top.

Coming down was much better but I was mentally shaken from just how difficult the climb was for me.  Once you get shaken up mentally in a run you are kind of done for. I felt like I couldnt get my breath and I am not used to running in any kind of heat as all my training for Disney was either in the freezing cold or a climate controlled gym. My running buddy basically told me that the heat is something I will just have to get used to like I did the cold. So I need to just suck it up. Its going to be rough but Ill eventually get used to it.

I had to walk huge chunks of the race which I was really upset about. The more upset I got the worse it was. My running buddy took charge and started having me run in timed spurts and it truly made me feel better. I am going to do all of my runs this week while timing my intervals (which I have not done in the past) so I am better prepared with a “game plan” so to speak for next week’s race.

The run back was fine but boring and then we had to climb the same hill yet again as from the beginning. I honestly felt like I was going to throw up. Its not pretty but it happens. When we got back down the hill we ran across the bridge and down the road to the finish line.

This race did not use the timing chips and apparently we were supposed to leave these little perforated tags on our numbers. We had both pulled them off. Therefore no recorded time for us. Honestly after my injury at Disney it was just nice to see FINISH.

After the race we walked down to The Depot Grill where they were handing out little post race bags with fruit, go-gurt,muffins, granola bars etc. I sucked down an orange and a bottle of water before going down to watch the race results.

Then I headed over to The Fat Tuna for a post race lunch. The Fat Tuna puts sprouts on pretty much everything which I love. I feel as though the sprouts make everything healthier. ;) I actually got a very well balanced lunch. I chose the Apple Blossom Sandwich (Whole grain bread with spicy honey mustard, lean turkey, cheddar, apple slices, dried cranberries, tomato, and sprouts!) with a side of veggie chips.

What I learned today:

1. I need to work more hills into my workout

2. I need to stop getting so psyched out before a race

3.I need to do my workouts during the week in intervals and learn to keep up with better timing myself.

All in all it was a hard morning for me but I am geared up for the next race. I am running the Susan B Komen race for the cure 5K in Roanoke, VA next Saturday.


  1. Kristen says:

    Just think how far you’ve come! A year ago you never would have taken on this huge challenge and now you’re doing it and FINISHING it! You inspire me to do better.

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